Ready to create more order in your life?

So, how do I help you be more productive, find intuitive work-life integration, create more time to pursue your passions, increase self-worth and improve the quality of your life?

"Within" - Customized Coaching

  • Work on overcoming mental blocks like limiting beliefs and learned helplessness

  • Support self-awareness and self-actualization -create sustainable work and life integration.

  • Create manageable plans for attainable goals

  • Help you grow and live more intentionally

"Without" - Customized Organizing

  • Create more time through art of space planning and organizing

  • Improve mental health as an ordered environment helps reduce stress

  • Save money by creating spaces that maximize productivity

  • Help you create a functional and inviting space that supports wellness

*rates start from $75/hr - $150/hr, packages are also available*
*In-person Organizing is limited to Southern California - Drop-offs, products and travel expenses are charged separately
*These are guidelines - each client is unique so projects are customized to suit your needs

Ready to invest in yourself and your future?

Meet OLY

A cardamom addict, voracious reader, a people-helper and proud member and ally of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Through her customized services, Oly will help you to let go of non-serving thinking, behavior and clutter to create a calmer and more sustainable life that serves you.